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  • Happy New Year

    Thank You and a Happy New Year!

    We want to say a big ‘thank you’ and Happy New Year to all the wonderful customers who bought from us before Christmas. Wow! It was so much busier than we had expected. For almost three weeks we were working almost twelve hours per day. We even worked all night on the final weekend before […]

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  • Christmas

    It’s That Time of The Year Again – Christmas is Back

    Yes, it is almost Christmas again, just a short while to go. And what a year it has been this year. The dreadful Covid-19 virus has dominated everything. Even now, when vaccinations are just beginning, we are far from getting back to normal. In the UK we have just finished our second lockdown. With very […]

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  • Christmas Gifts

    Christmas is Coming – Finding Bargain Gifts in the Time of Covid-19

    Remember How It Used To Be? Remember how we all used to go shopping at Christmas looking for bargain gifts? It wasn’t that long ago – last year, in fact. We would all visit overheated department stores wrapped up in our winter overcoats and scarves whilst the staff were often working in t-shirts. Remember the […]

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  • Gift Shop

    We are Live – 20.10.20

    At 20.10 on Tuesday 20th October 2020 went live for the first time! Well, we are not really superstitious about numbers but all those 20’s and 10’s are quite unusual and so we thought we would wait until ten past eight on 20th October, in other words 20.10 on 20/10/20 All in all, 2020 […]

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