We are Live – 20.10.20

At 20.10 on Tuesday 20th October 2020 makeusanoffer.shop went live for the first time!

Well, we are not really superstitious about numbers but all those 20’s and 10’s are quite unusual and so we thought we would wait until ten past eight on 20th October, in other words 20.10 on 20/10/20

All in all, 2020 has been a difficult year for many of us because of the virus and it seems that this will change our lives forever. Above all it is going to make trips to the shops very much more difficult and, indeed, so many shops are sadly closing.


And so we are all having to get used to shopping for more and more things online which is why we had the idea to launch www.makeusanoffer.shop

Our initial range of unusual gifts includes some for children and some for adults. Our more unique gifts include a giant multi-coloured apple which is, in fact, made up of several stacking storage trays. These can be used for jewellery, cosmetics or even as attractive dishes for serving snacks.

We have stools which also serve as laundry baskets or for general storage. They have padded seats and are very popular with both children and adults. There are two designs, one that looks like a tree log and another which looks like a sliced watermelon.

Our range of elasticated woven belts are one of our best-selling lines ever. They come in a range of colours from pink and orange to dark brown and black. Some of the most popular ones are mixed colours. They are suitable for men and for women. They normally sell in the shops for £10 – £15 but on our website https://www.makeusanoffer.shop/product-category/woven-belts/ you can make a bid and very likely to get yourself a bargain!

Pencil Pot

For children we have knitted hats in the shape of various animals including a frog, a ladybird and, the most popular, a panda. There are also plenty of brightly coloured stationery items including pens, pencil cases, pencil pots and notebooks.

We will constantly be adding many more lines to our website. Initial sales have been well beyond our expectations. Everything is selling fast so please don’t delay if you are looking for gifts. And bear in mind that Christmas is fast approaching. 

One last thing, when you do visit Make us an Offer please remember to leave your name and email address. That way we can let you know about any new and exciting products. Tell you about special discounts for our regular customers.

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