Bargain Gifts At Less Than Outlet Prices

Just supposing that you were to go to a shop and choose an item which you wanted to buy and the only price on the item was a ‘typical’ retail price of say, £10, the price you might expect this item to be in any other shop.

Now, imagine you were to take the item to the checkout where the assistant said to you “How much do you want to offer for this?” At first you would be surprised but, having confirmed that you could make an offer for this item, you replied £5. Suppose the assistant then checked the till and told you that was fine, the offer was accepted and £5 was all you had to pay for the item.

Well, apart from the surprise, you would be delighted. After all, you would have got yourself a bargain.

And this is exactly how Make Us An Offer works. For each and every item throughout our range of unique gift items and souvenirs you will see a ‘typical shop price’ quoted. You are then invited to bargain gifts at “Make Us An Offer”. If your offer is accepted, and most offers are, you will be told within a few seconds and you can go ahead and complete your purchase at the agreed price.

We are designers and wholesalers of a whole range of unusual and distinctive gift-ware. These gift-wares are manufactured by our approved suppliers all over the world. As wholesalers we supply hundreds of retailers in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Pandemic Effect

However, for the past year during the pandemic most of our customer have been unable to trade. This is the reason why we decided to offer our products on our website. This will allow customers to bargain gifts at less than at outlet prices. That is how we are able to accept very low prices, often below wholesale prices.

Our range of products include decorative household items such as embroidered modern art cushions, decorative stools, various makeup bags, children’s stationery ranges and many others as well as ranges of London and Paris souvenirs.

We also have a range of elasticated woven belts in a selection of colours which have proved extremely popular.

Bargain Gifts & Tyvek Products

Finally, we have introduced a new range of amazing Tyvek® iPad cases and clutch bags. All bags are made from an amazing Tyvek material. Tyvek looks just like paper, is very strong, lighter than paper, washable, recyclable and waterproof. It is also resistant to almost any oil or grease. They are all available in brown which looks like wrapping paper and a newspaper design. Further Tyvek® items are to be added shortly including tote bags, travel bags and backpacks.

All of these amazing gift items are available for you to choose. You can decide how much you want to pay! Why not give it a try?

If your offer is accepted we will offer additional discount of 20% (Code J21) until February end. And you will also get an amazing FREE Paris paintbrush pen with your order!

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