Christmas is Coming – Finding Bargain Gifts in the Time of Covid-19

Remember How It Used To Be?

Remember how we all used to go shopping at Christmas looking for bargain gifts? It wasn’t that long ago – last year, in fact. We would all visit overheated department stores wrapped up in our winter overcoats and scarves whilst the staff were often working in t-shirts.

Remember the last-minute rush to get all the presents bought? Remember how important it was not to buy a present for someone who was not going to give you one. And, more importantly, not to forget to buy a present for someone who might give you one?

The Virus

Covid-19 has changed so many aspects of our lives. It seems likely that the traditional annual Christmas shopping experience could also become a thing of the past.

Of course, we all still have to buy presents for friends and family as before.

How much easier it is to surf the internet and click to buy this or that from the comfort of your own home. We must have been mad to have ever endured the horror of Christmas shopping.

But of course, all the world and his wife (her husband) are setting up online businesses. So, where do you start after you have Googled? What you are looking for and then passed on Amazon and Ebay?

Well, if it is Christmas gifts that you are looking for and you want to find something a bit different and yet at a bargain price try our new website

Why We Are Cheaper?

You might ask why you would able to buy cheaper from us and the reason is simple. Until last year we had a very successful High Street shop selling a range of high-quality well-designed gifts in a fashionable part of London. But, once the virus hit, we found ourselves with very few customers and lots of stock.

It was because of this that we decided to put all of our stock online on our new website and, because we are no longer paying huge rent and rates we are able to sell at very low prices.

More Fun and Lower Prices

Instead of selling at normal retail prices which many shops with websites do, we decided that we would be able to sell at much lower prices than we charged in our shop. In addition, we thought it would be much more fun for our customers if they were able to seek out a product on our site, decide what it was worth and then Make us an offer .

Almost all of our products have been selected because we liked them. They are generally colourful, fun and original. In addition, we also have a range of London and Paris souvenir items which can also be bought at prices well below any you would ever find in any shop.

So, if you are looking for bargain gifts, Christmas gift bargains, everything from woven belts to bags and cases, from a kids scarf to a knitted hat, from a paintbrush pen to Paris fridge magnet, come and see what we have. You are likely to leave with a bargain.

Christmas is coming! – Come to and Make us an offer!

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  1. Go Ahead – Make us An Offer!!

    […] We are already looking for new lines which we can offer to you, our customer, at prices you want to pay and not prices which we decide. Stock is limited and once it is gone it is gone so don’t delay and, of course, Christmas is coming! […]

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