It’s That Time of The Year Again – Christmas is Back

Yes, it is almost Christmas again, just a short while to go. And what a year it has been this year. The dreadful Covid-19 virus has dominated everything. Even now, when vaccinations are just beginning, we are far from getting back to normal.

In the UK we have just finished our second lockdown. With very little time left there is great urgency to get the Christmas shopping done. And so, despite the risks, thousands are flocking to the shops looking for Christmas gift bargains. Central London is crowded once again with shoppers loaded down with bags of gifts.

Storage Trays
Amazing set of stacking trays

But why do people take the risk when there is still a chance of catching the virus and when we are so near to an end of this terrible crisis? Is it worth the risk when it is no longer necessary?

Just think for a moment, you go out in the cold, wait for a train or bus which will, almost certainly be very crowded and then you have to fight your way through the crowds trying to find suitable gifts. You then return home exhausted with the distinct possibility that you might have been in contact with someone who has the virus!

Or you could sit at home in the warmth and comfort and choose all of your gifts from an almost infinite number of choices on the internet and do all of your shopping with a few clicks.

Kid's Scarf
Super soft kid’s scarf

We at Make us an Offer are one of the many businesses which have benefited from the move to online shopping. Since launching less than two months ago we have been unbelievably busy and are even close to running out of many lines.

We have a wide range of gifts on offer. From a range of multi-color woven belts to an amazing multi coloured apple which is made of several stacking trays which can be used for storage or for serving food. We have loads of children’s items including fun stationery such as our pen stands in several colours or our super soft bright red teddy bear scarf and, of course, our range of knitted animal hats.

Red & Black Woven Belt
Red & Black Woven Belt

In addition to our often unusual gifts we also have ranges of London and Paris souvenirs. These can be reminders of visits to either city in safer times.

But the best thing about is that there are no prices. You decide how much you want to pay and just make us an offer. It is as simple as that. For each item we quote the typical price you might expect to pay in the shops. But of course, everything on our website can be bought at well below those prices.

All you have to do is enter the amount you want to pay. In two seconds we will tell you if we can accept your offer. It is as quick and easy as that and, above all, it is fun. After all, who doesn’t like to make an offer and secure a bargain?

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