Go Ahead – Make us an Offer!!

Things are changing!

For many years we have travelled the world looking for unusual and interesting gift and souvenir items to import and sell to shops all over Europe. But, things have changed recently and the shops are less busy. So we came up with the idea of putting all of our stock online.

Selling direct to our customers means that we can offer really low prices. Instead of us deciding on the price we thought it would be more fun for you, our customer, to decide what an item is worth and ‘Make us an offer.

Bargain Gifts

Of course, we cannot just give stuff away and so every item has a minimum price below which we cannot sell. However, if you offer our minimum or more, you will have bought yourself a bargain!

Our minimum set prices will vary depending upon the item, how popular it is and how much stock we have. Many items will be sold at little more than the cost of the postage, in other words, almost free!

Our ranges include a wide selection of general gift-ware. These include all sorts of, often quite unusual gift ideas. We also have a range of London souvenirs and another range of Paris souvenirs. You may find it more difficult to travel to London or Paris these days but at least you can buy a bargain souvenir item, possibly to remind yourself of a previous visit.

We are already looking for new lines which we can offer to you, our customer, at prices you want to pay and not prices which we decide. Stock is limited and once it is gone it is gone so don’t delay and, of course, Christmas is coming!

We very much hope you will like our site and what we have to offer. Please register with us so that we can let you know whenever we have new items to offer. (We promise to limit our emails to one or two a month).

We very much look forward to hearing from you and hope you will decide to ‘Make us an offer

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