Thank You and a Happy New Year!

We want to say a big ‘thank you’ and Happy New Year to all the wonderful customers who bought from us before Christmas. Wow! It was so much busier than we had expected. For almost three weeks we were working almost twelve hours per day. We even worked all night on the final weekend before Christmas.   

log stool laundry box - Happy New Year
Log design laundry box/stool

We only launched on 20th October and we have been really astonished by the response. It seems that you all like being able to make an offer for a product instead of just accepting the price. And of course, you get to know immediately if your offer has been accepted.

Because in many cases we are just trying to clear stock the offers which we have accepted have often been very low indeed, even lower than wholesale prices. In many cases we accepted offers which are just enough to cover the postage.

Elasticated woven belt - Happy New Year
Elasticated woven belt

So, what about 2021? Well to begin with we wish you all a very Happy New Year! Let us all hope that it will be better than 2020. Who would ever have thought just one year ago how the world would change in less than one year? But still, the vaccines are on their way and things can only get better from now.

As far as we are concerned at Make us an Offer we have many plans for 2021. In view of the success of many of our lines, especially the belts and gifts, we will be extending those ranges as well as adding many completely new ranges. But we also plan to invite other suppliers of gift and household items to share them on our website.

Embroidered cushion cover - Happy New Year
Embroidered cushion cover

The idea is that we will be able to dramatically increase the range of products which we can offer so that anyone looking for a gift or household item will have a huge range to choose from on our website.

Shopping for anything, as we all know very well, has changed completely over the past few years, first because of the ease of shopping online and secondly because of the Covid-19 crisis which has meant that in many countries all over the world shops have been closed for months on end. And it seems highly unlikely that we will ever return to shopping as before.

Kid's knitted hat
Kid’s knitted hat

We are very happy to have launched at just the time that retail is changing so dramatically. We are so pleased that our customers seem to like what we are doing and we will do everything possible to continue to offer an ever-widening range of gifts as well as housewares and, in due course, clothing.

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